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Caron Nikole sitting on couch

Owner & Lead Designer
IMPACT Investment & Design Firm

With a Love and Passion for In-Home Transformations, I help investors create unique design experiences for buyers and mentor young aspiring real estate investors as well. Want a cutting-edge living experience? It's all up to us!

A self-made GC, Designer, Stager, Real Estate Investor and Mentor with a unique sense of Style and Love for In- Home Transformations! Yes, that is me! I march and walk into distressed, rundown homes in my construction Boots and even in my heels, without any hesitation!

With the help of having an MBA background, and a passion for developing businesses – Having known as a former owner and operator of a successful Impact Boutique, I believe that my biggest successes stem from transforming blight into heavily desired brilliance and significantly upping the value of every property. This is the time to make a mark in the Real Estate Market! Old? Dated? Falling Down Homes? Leave it to us! Redesigning existing layout, adding tons of Modern Features to Create a Unique Experience… It is all up to us!

I was bored seeing the same “contractor-grade finishes”, so I decided to take trips to New York City and other areas to source faucets, cabinetry and fixtures that will give Home Buyers a Cutting-Edge Living Experience. Crafting interiors, from framing, layout, lighting, kitchen, and bath, all the way to the staging always excites me! It gives a certain kind of satisfaction that makes you want to really invest your time and hard work that you just cannot get enough.

The Staging Service within Philadelphia has been a big hit in the city, servicing roughly 10 clients each month. Many professionals in the business have enjoyed turning over the design component of a renovation project to our team. I have also helped a lot of other investors create unique design experiences for their buyers.

Outside of work, I have begun a mentor program for young girls that are interested in Real Estate to train them on both the good and bad aspects of the Renovation Process. I have also started mentoring young aspiring Real Estate Investors.

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