Designer Renovations

We look for old, dated, falling down homes that we can gut, redesign the existing layout and add tons of modern features from my “PoP List” to create a truly unique Living experience with many interesting details.

I am a General Contractor and Interior Designer and We DO IT ALL.. from the framing phase all the way thru staging.

There are no limits to what we would do to acquire unique rehab finishes to create a cutting edge home for residents and buyers.

We’ve become extremely bored with the contractor grade finishes so I decided to source outside of the box and I am not opposed to putting in hours of research or traveling around the world for exclusivity, to draw buyers, and make the property overall more attractive… which can lead to some pretty insane journeys and excursions..

Pushing thru and finding solutions to all sorts of barriers and obstacles to get to the finish line.. All in the name of “REdesigning Philly”

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